The doll is made in advance?

All the dolls are made to order.

How the doll is guaranteed?

Our dolls are guaranteed 1 year against manufacturing defects.

This warranty excludes impacts, cuts or tears resulting from misuse or mishandling.

Is there an after sales service?

We have a S.A.V. you can contact by mail.

For repairs, it is advisable to send us pictures, so we can advise you best on the procedure to be applied.

Whatever the age of your doll, we perform free small repairs or repackaging our workshop. Only shipping costs to / will be charged.

Why the price is so high?

Three elements are taken into account in calculating the price of your doll: the quality of the silicone used, the component skeleton materials, and finally the time to work to achieve it.

The silicone we use is the best currently available on the market. It contains a large amount of platinum, which gives it exceptional mechanical properties and unequaled by its competitors.

The skeleton, it is realized with various expensive materials such as aluminum, steel as well as high strength plastic parts. All these parts are made of machining and then assembled and adjusted by hand.

The necessary manual labor time is an average of four days for each doll.